⛽Gas refund launch Base

Adding liquidity with Alfred RPC allows earning on the launch process. Profit depends on Priority gas spend by snipers.

Alfred fee: 30% from gas refund.

The gas refund launch process contains 5 basic steps:

  1. The team deploys the token

  2. Alfred users set up snipes on the exact token address

  3. Team updates RPC on Metamask to Alfred Snipe Refund RPC

  4. Team adds liquidity

  5. Check Explorer and enjoy profit from Alfred user's snipe bribes

Supported dex’s on BASE

- Uniswap v2
- Uniswap v3
- SushiSwap v2
- SushiSwap v3
- BaseSwap
- PancakeSwap

*!!! Exchanges that are not on the list might be added on request.*
Alfred Bot: @AlfredTradesBot
Alfred Snipe Refund RPC: https://base-alfred.meowrpc.com

1. Deploy your token

2. Snipe Setup flow at Alfred

Step 2.1. Send the token address to the bot chat.

Step 2.2. Users are interested in setting a bigger gas priority to be the first to buy the token. Higher gas priority —> Higher project revenue from launch.

Step 2.3. Wait until the snipe execution.

3. Update RPC url

BASE RPC: https://base-alfred.meowrpc.com


Guide link: https://www.quicknode.com/guides/ethereum-development/wallets/how-to-set-a-custom-provider-in-metamask


Guide link: https://www.quicknode.com/guides/ethereum-development/wallets/how-to-set-a-custom-provider-in-rabby

4. Add Liquidity on one of the following DEX’s

LP transaction priority must be between 2-10 Gwei or even more! Example: 3.31

5. Check Snipes result onchain and enjoy the profit

If the Open Trade / LP Transaction arrives to Alfred RPC - user bribe will be landed to Alfred Proxy Address.

Bribe for Base is calculated in the following way:

  • Bribe = User Extra Priority Gwei * 150 000 Gas Limit

Example. If user put 10 gwei priority, the bribe will be the following:

  • 10 Gwei * 150 000 Gas Limit = 0.0015 ETH

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