🗣️Referral System

Refer your friends and community for extra points.


Alfred's referral system allows you to earn points and enjoy reduced trading fees by referring your friends and community network to use Alfred. Getting in early, and sharing your link widely will allow you to enjoy lower trading fees and greater benefits!


  • For each user you refer, you will receive 25% of the points the users earn

    • i.e. if your referred user trades $1,000 and earns 1000 points for themself, you will receive 250 points

  • You receive these points for the lifetime of your referee

  • A referee is granted 2,501 points gaining the Butler Tier with a 5% Fee reduction. For the points to be accrued, a referee has to make a swap in the bot (no min. amount requirement)

  • There is no maximum on the number points that can be earned through the referral system

Grab your referral link and view your number of referrals and the additional points you have earned through the referral system by clicking 🎁Loyalty > 💎Referral

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