Alfred is a platform that enables access to advanced on-chain execution for swapping and sniping tokens. Today, Alfred (AlfredTradesBot) is a Telegram bot allowing you to Buy, Sell, and Snipe tokens on Ethereum directly from your Telegram account. In the future, Alfred will serve as a gateway into all your DeFi and crypto activities.

The Problem

Users experience significant friction when accessing Crypto and DeFi through traditional methods:

  1. Wallets: these often consist of downloading sketchy wallet apps or confusing browser extensions

  2. Trades: Setting up a trade is a complex and overwhelming experience. It starts with selecting which DEX or frontend to use, and then understanding things like how to set slippage and base and priority fees.

  3. Functionality: For regular users, minimal functionality exists outside of "I want to swap token A for token B". Functions such as sniping new token launches are reserved for highly sophisticated actors.

  4. Execution: Crypto mempools are a dark forest, and regular users get rekt every through being front run, sandwiched, or simply getting terrible execution on their orders.

The Solution - Alfred

Alfred is a fast and secure trading bot built directly into Telegram. Once you add the bot to Telegram in just a couple of clicks, you will be provided with an easy-to-use crypto wallet and a full suite of advanced trading tools directly within the Telegram app interface. Alfred will be your trading butler to help you hold, buy, sell, and snipe tokens in just a few clicks. All your trades will be fully private and protected from adversarial actors such as sandwich bots and frontrunners, ensuring you receive optimal execution on your transactions.

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