How Alfred keeps your funds secure.

The Alfred team is actively integrating a new private key management infrastructure, emphasizing a distributed and non-custodial design to further enhance user experience and security. As a result of the code modifications associated with this new approach, the functionality for private key (pk) import/export is scheduled for release in March 2024.

Learn more: https://docs.turnkey.com/security/non-custodial-key-mgmt

In Alfred's security protocol, we prioritize the protection of encryption keys, ensuring they are safeguarded both at rest and in transit. These keys are stored exclusively in an encrypted state, bolstering their security. To carry out encryption operations, we rely on the robust Google KMS Vault, enhancing the overall integrity of our encryption processes. Furthermore, we maintain a strict policy where all interactions between our services occur solely through secure channels, adding an additional layer of protection to our data and ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. Our commitment to these security measures underscores our dedication to maintaining a secure and resilient infrastructure.

Your Alfred account

Your Alfred account is tied to your own Telegram account. It is important to note that anyone who has access to your Telegram account can access the funds in your Alfred wallet. If you change your Telegram username or clear the Alfred chat history, you will not lose access to your wallet. If you lose your device or access to your Telegram account, you can use Telegram's account recovery process to regain access to your funds.

Your Alfred Wallet

Your wallet address in Alfred is unique to you, meaning all funds are segregated, removing the need for any aggregated wallet systems and reducing the associated honeypot risk. You cannot currently export your wallet's private key, but you can import your own. In can be generated at Alfred or at other environment such as Metamask. Find more details here.

Getting Support

If you need support, join our public Telegram channel Alfred Trading. For sensitive concerns, you can DM one of the Admins in the channel.

Warning: Admins will never DM you first on Telegram, and you should never share your private keys with anyone over Telegram (including anyone purporting to be an admin)

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