🎩AI assistant

Alfred users can interact with the bot through voice or text commands to execute various trading actions. Currently, the bot requires user confirmation before executing trades, though this feature may be automated in future updates. The bot is capable of understanding natural language requests and will prompt for additional information if needed to complete the requested action accurately.

At present, access is limited to the users that have at least 2 Tier. Daily limit - 50 requests. Request Example

To initiate a trade, users can input via voice or text commands such as "Buy Brett token for 0.1 ETH". In case if some information is absent the bot will ask for it.

List of supported functions

1. Buy tokens

2. Bridge ETH

3. Sell tokens

4. Get the Token balance

6. Get the Trending Tokens

7. Create Stop Loss order

8. Create Take Profit order

9. Create Trigger Buy order

10. Cancel order

11. Cancel snipe

12. Get my existing positions for network

13. Get my existing position for token

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