šŸ”‘Private Key Generation/Import

Alfred allows users to manage up to five wallets simultaneously. Within the wallet's "Manage" menu, users can create a new wallet, delete an existing one, or import a private key from a different environment, like one exported from Metamask.

To proceed with the Key Import/Generation click on the wallet name block. In this case its named "Test"

āš ļø Once imported or generated, private keys cannot be exported in any way.

Users can regenerate the private key until they obtain a public key that meets their preferences.

Import works only for EVM compatible private keys. Mnemonic phrase can not be imported.

Once wallet is deleted the action can not be undone but wallet might be imported again.

On the wallet interface, users can only view the balance associated with the wallet they have chosen to use via Manage panel. Snipes and Orders will be visible and remain editable across all customer wallets. However, the limitation on the number of orders and snipes will continue to be tied to the Telegram user ID.

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