Be the first to buy new token launches and presales.

Historically, sniping new token launches has only been available to ultra-sophisticated actors, such as teams running advanced MEV trading strategies. Now, thanks to Alfred, you can snipe new token launches with ease directly from Telegram.

What is sniping?

"Sniping" refers to a strategy or tactic where an individual or bot quickly executes a trade (often a purchase) immediately after a specific event or condition is met. The most common and profitable application of sniping is in the context of new token launches. On decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, when a new token is listed, there can be a rush to purchase the token before the price surges - especially when the token is hyped and many people want to buy simultaneously. Bots or individuals try to purchase these tokens as soon as they are listed.

How Alfred Sniping Works

When you want to snipe an upcoming token launch, you set up the snipe in the Alfred bot. You can only set up a snipe for a token/pool where trading is not yet active.

If you want to purchase an existing token, simply the Buy functionality rather than snipe.

Alfred then monitors the blockchain mempool for a pending target transaction. A valid target transaction will be one where a buy transaction will be valid (will not revert) if executed directly after the target transaction. Common target transactions include:

  • Pool_creation/liquidity_add

  • Trading is un-paused

When Alfred sees a valid target transaction in the mempool, it will create a bundle with your snipe transaction directly after the target transaction and attempt to get that bundle landed on-chain. If multiple Alfred users are trying to snipe the same token, it will bundle all the snipes together, ordered by bribe amount. I.e. those who are willing to bribe more will buy first.

Setting up a snipe

  1. Enter the contract address of the token you want to snipe

  2. Next, you need to configure your Snipe

    • Enter the amount of ETH you want to use to purchase

    • Enter the bribe (the higher the bribe the more likely you are to land first)

    • Select whether you only want to land in Block 0 or whether you are happy for your snipe to land in Block +2 (Allow to buy in next blocks)

  3. Create the snipe by clicking Press to create a new snipe ➡️

  4. Done!. Once a valid target transaction is identified, your snipe will attempt to be executed, and you will receive a notification of success or unsuccessful directly in Telegram.

Managing a snipe

  1. Here you can edit the amount or cancel the snipe entirely

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