Utilizing Alfred's in-built wallet to manage your crypto activities and assets.

Alfred Wallet

Alfred provides you with a simple, secure, and easy-to-use crypto wallet directly from your Telegram account. This is the wallet that Alfred uses to swap and snipe from. This wallet is unique to you, and you can send funds to and from this wallet at any time.

Once you add Alfred bot to your Telegram account, you will immediately generate your wallet. The next step is to deposit some Ethereum to fund your wallet.

Funding your wallet

Due to the mechanics of the Ethereum blockchain, you will need some Ethereum (ETH) in your wallet to pay for gas fees when trading. Deposit some Ethereum into your wallet by sending it to your generated wallet address. If you want to sell or trade other ERC20 tokens, you should also send them to this address.

Adding and viewing token balances

If you send ERC20 tokens to your wallet, they will not be visible until you click Wallet > Import Tokens, and then enter the token's contract address (you can find this on etherscan). This will inform the wallet which token balances to check for.

Sending ETH and tokens

  1. To send ETH or tokens from your Alfred wallet click Wallet > Send

  2. Specify the currency (token or ETH) and the amount you wish to send

  3. Enter the destination wallet address and then click Press to continue

Deposited on the wrong blockchain?

Always ensure you send funds to your deposit address on the correct blockchain. Please note that we can't immediately retrieve funds sent to your Alfred wallet on the incorrect chain as there are technical and security considerations due to the nature of dealing with private keys. We are working on implementing more networks into Alfred so depending on the network, you may be able to self-retrieve in the near future. Please use this form to register your details, and we'll contact you when we can assist further.

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